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We can help you with …

  • Corporate

    Our approach is that the corporations need clearly defined internal processes in order to comply with their legal obligations and meet capital market expectations. Directors, board members and other management staff must identify risks related to corporate governance and compliance and create appropriate structures. These risks can threaten the very existence of the company in some cases. Scope of services Preparing and holding shareholders’ meetings Corporate governance advice Designing articles of association, internal regulations, reporting and information systems Appointing, dismissing and remunerating members of corporate organs Representing members of corporate organs or the company in liability issues Corporate governance check Preparing and implementing capital increases and corporate actions for rescue/recapitalisation and restructuring Compliance relating to capital markets law (e.g. insider guidelines, ad hoc notices, matters involving publication of shareholdings and voting rights) Our lawyers together with the experts on stock corporation law and capital markets law provide support for listed and unlisted stock corporations, their corporate organs and major shareholders in fulfilling all their duties under company and capital markets law.

  • Litigation

    When business disputes cannot be resolved by negotiations at commercial level, it becomes necessary to enforce claims effectively or protect oneself against unjustified claims. We offer a comprehensive, quality service covering disputes across all relevant areas of commercial law.

    Preventive approach – Advice on contract design
    Ideally, we advise our clients before a dispute arises. Careful wording of clauses, governing jurisdiction and choice of law, can prevent many problems.

    Preparation for a dispute situation
    At an early stage of an emerging dispute, we conduct a detailed analysis of all aspects of the situation and legal circumstances. We point out any liability risks and construct a robust negotiating position. We run through a range of dispute resolution options with you, draw up risk and cost analyses, prepare and document tailored solutions and devise a viable overall strategy.

    Avoiding court action
    At each stage, we examine the options for resolving the dispute amicably, if required, and advise or represent you in negotiations with the other party. We take your specific interests into account, such as the need to maintain an ongoing business relationship with the counterparty and the associated implications for your company.

    In-court representation
    Should a dispute occur, we work with you to develop offensive or defensive strategies, take care of project and risk management, and handle all correspondence and documentation. We take a thorough and highly professional approach to preparing for oral proceedings and the taking of evidence. The objective and outcome of successful litigation is convincing the court to find in your favour. This not only requires close attention to the facts of the case but also outstanding knowledge of substantive law combined with analytical, psychological and rhetorical skills. Our litigation experts are trained to the highest standards in all these areas, with strategic and tactical thinking complemented by excellent local links.

    Post-judgement enforcement
    Our work does not stop after a judgement has been delivered. We continue to provide support and advice to ensure fast, effective enforcement of your claims, if necessary by way of compulsory enforcement.

  • Intellectual property law

    We provide support for creating, defending and commercialising your IP rights.

    Trademarks are of major importance for a company’s value and competitive position. We offer cost-effective management of your property rights portfolio based on your specific requirements.

    We register trademarks in Macedonia and throughout the world

    We take responsibility for your IP property rights. We manage some of the biggest domain name and trademark portfolios in Macedonia . Our objective is to deliver the best possible protection for your distinctive marks within the available budget. We always take financial aspects into account in addition to legal factors.

    We advise you even before your trademarks are registered, the scope of protection and potential conflicts with existing trademarks.

    We offer advise on exploiting your property rights or licensing third-party property rights. This work includes complex contract design for international and worldwide licensing, both as licensee and as licensor, for all property rights in a wide range of industries.

    In addition to safeguarding the designations of companies, products and services, our lawyers also deal with the registration and defence of domain names. We are experienced in taking action against domain grabbers through out-of-court, in-court or domain arbitration proceedings.

  • Healthcare

    The healthcare sector in Macedonia is heavily regulated, shaped by a number of very different interests and, above all, subject to constant change. We understand that our clients in the healthcare market need to take advantage of existing opportunities, minimise the risks and avoid undesirable developments.

    Our  lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the industry combined with practical experience. We advise companies engaged in healthcare management, private and public hospitals and clinics, investors, banks and public contractors on legal and strategic matters covering a variety of practical topics.