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POPOVSKI LAW OFFICE was founded by Mr. Dragan Popovski in 1980
Today, Mr. Popovski is assisted by three attorneys at law :
Mr. Aleksandar Icokaev, Mrs. Biljana Slavkovska and  Mrs. Antoneta Ilievska Stojancev
and  two associates :
Ms. Dragana Markovic and  Mr. Ilija Popovski

Our main scope of activity mostly includes working on the field of the Corporate law, Intellectual property Law, healthcare sector, labour law as well as litigations including criminal proceedings.
When necessary, we work closely with several independent experts to obtain appraisals and specialized issues.
Experts with whom we often consult include financial advisors , certified public accountants,  first class practitioners in certain areas and others.

Our office approaches each case as a whole, while addressing each issue separately.
Devotion,  trustworthy and confidentiality are our highest priorities!
Our office has established long term collaboration with several respectable International Law Firm’s  to help us solving appraisals with foreign applicable law when necessary.

Our three core values are a fundamental part of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

  • We put intense effort into our work and actively look for ways to deliver the best results and solutions for our clients.
  • We combine technical excellence in our work with a business-oriented approach, high level of integrity, and a focus on providing solutions.
  • We act as an integrated team working together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The list of our  foreign and domestic clients comprises of international finance organizations, banks, insurance companies, companies trading and producing machine parts,  construction companies, health care companies ,  etc…
We understand  how regulation affects the way businesses work.  Our advice focuses on helping you pursue your business objectives most effectively taking account of the rules.